DreamVeloper Studio

DreamVeloper is a team of eternal dreamers who wants to make their dreams comes true : Making great video games. Currently developing two games : Always the Same Nightmare and Bloopy & Droopy.


Always The Same Nightmare

Always The Same Nightmare is a 2D platform in which the player controls a character named 42 who is trying to escape from the dungeon in which he is being taken prisoner. Armed with his rifle and a will of fire, he decides to escape and understand what happens to him, for that he will have to face terrible dangers.

Bloopy & Droopy

Bloopy & Droopy is a "Game Boy" fashioned platformer with over 30 levels and 5 bosses you'll have to beat with your skills! You will be playing as two characters: Bloopy & Droopy. When it comes to platforming, Bloopy does that very well! But when you'll need to drill, Droopy comes in and he'll help you a lot in your adventure!

The Team


Game Designer and Community manager of Dreamveloper Studio

"On my card, I'm a CEO. In my head, I'm a game developer. But in my heart, I'm a gamer." ~Satoru Iwata.
.Nintendo fan and passionate about pop culture!


Developer and Sound Designer of Dreamveloper Studio

"Run on the most powerful engine: Passion!"
Retro-gaming fan and crazy about lines of code!


Developer and Game Designer of Dreamveloper Studio

"Coding different"
Programmer in the blood and gamer in the soul

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